As a founding member of the international AS-I Consortium ifm electronic has a wealth of experience in manufacturing, selling and supporting products for AS-i installations.

AS-I offers a simple and cost effective system for quickly collecting and distributing inputs and outputs for the PLC or controller. This enables a number of key cost savings to be made, both by the installer and the operator:

  • Fewer I/O cards
  • Greatly reduced panel size
  • Much less chance of wiring errors
  • Smaller cable trays
  • Fewer mulitcored control cables
  • Local JB's swapped for purpose built I/O blocks
  • Easier to move existing or add new plant

In operation AS-i provides a highly reliable and flexible wiring reduction system.

AS-i or Actuator Sensor Interface

AS-i offers a simple and reliable wiring system for industrial and process applications. The AS-i master is built into or sits alongside the PLC and communicates with its slave chips which are built into I/O blocks or directly into products.

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